This Christmas we want to continue to spread God’s love locally & globally!

 We believe as we approach 2023 that God is calling us to pay closer attention to specific groups written off, overlooked or pushed aside.

Choose a Giving Option:

Christmas Offering

This year we are supporting four local and global causes from our Special Christmas offering.

Regular Giving

Your contributions go directly to fueling the vision & mission of Crossbridge.

Here are the four causes we will be supporting this year.

CByouth Events & Retreats

Our teenagers are inviting their friends to know Jesus! As this group grows they need extra help with subsidizing event costs & transportation. Part of our Christmas offering will be going toward helping defray the cost of transportation for these events so that every student who wants to go is able to afford to go.

CBspecialneeds Events

This ministry has grown from a once a year Night to Shine event to a yearlong outreach to the special needs community in our area. Part of our Christmas offering will go towards Night to Shine & new outreach events like parent respite nights.

Options for Women


 Loving people starts in the womb and this year a portion of our Christmas Offering will go to Options for Women, a pregnancy resource center. If you are interested in knowing more about where we stand on this issue, please watch our Life Choices series.

Middle East Missions


The Middle East continues to be one of the hardest areas of the world to reach people for Jesus. We want to continue to support our C&MA international workers here.