We have recently updated our membership process to better reflect who we are as a church. Moving forward, we will be renaming our membership as Partnership. Were doing this to reflect our desire to be more than members at a church, but to be a group of individuals who excitedly partner together because of our faith to bring the Kingdom of God to our families, communities and the world. Weve worked hard to clarify the expectations of partners in hopes of bringing a sense of comradery, unity and focus. Its important for all our partners to be able to look to each other for support and encouragement as we serve alongside each other! Partnership declares that you have chosen to be part of the Crossbridge Family, in all of our mess & brokenness, as we support one another in our spiritual journey.

27_Partnership Class - rescheduled

RSVP for one of our Partnership Class Options

In Person | March 17th | 6-8 PM at Kingsway Middle School (during CByouth) RSVP

Virtual | March 18th | 7-9 PM via Google Meet RSVP

In Person | April 21st | 6-8 PM at Kingsway Middle School (during CByouth) RSVP

Virtual | April 22nd | 7-9 PM via Google Meet RSVP

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