Get Plugged In

Get Plugged In

Sunday morning service would not take place without our devoted volunteers.

If you would like to start to volunteering, Sunday morning offers you many options.  Some families volunteer all on the same Sunday and some choose to take different weeks.  We would love to help you to find which would work best for you.   All are welcome to volunteer and we have roles for everyone, even children can help out in many areas.

For more information or to become part of one of our teams, fill out this Volunteer form or contact Becky Frey.

Setup and Tear Down

Set Up Volunteers

We arrive at 8 AM to transform the cafeteria into our sanctuary and CBkids space. Setup is complete by 9:45 leaving you plenty of time to enjoy our 10 AM service with your family.

Tear Down Volunteers

Our tear down begins immediately after our 10 AM service and is completed by 12:30 PM. Volunteers help us return the cafeteria back to its original state for school use on Monday.

Sound Volunteers

Our sound volunteer sets up the wiring and sound board that enables us to worship and preach. Our sound volunteer arrives at 8 AM to setup and then run the sound board during service. After service, the sound volunteer breaks down the equipment for use the next week.

CBkids Volunteers

Small Group Leaders (SGL) for each class can be male or female adults. We ask that our SGL's volunteer one to two times a month so that you can build relationships with the students and provide another consistent adult who cares for them. Our goal is to have students grow deeper in their love and knowledge of Jesus and consistency of SGL's is key to this happening.

Small Group Assistants are a great opportunity for teens or adults. Our assistants help students with the crafts or games, provide 1:1 support for kids who might need a little more attention and escort the students to and from the restroom.

Special Needs Buddies have the opportunity to work with a child or small group of children (1-3 students) and help them participate in the lesson each Sunday.  Students often need help focusing in large group settings and navigating the small group activities. Training and specific student profiles are available for our buddies so that they know how best to help each student.

Worship & Large Group Leaders are also needed to make CBkids fun and engaging each week. If you love to lead kids in worship with fun motions (all provided) or if you like to act and be a storyteller, then we need you as a Large Group Leader or a worship leader.

Lesson plans and supplies are provided for all CBkids volunteer positions.

Contact Becky Frey for more information.

Hospitality Volunteers

Hospitality volunteers set the tone for Crossbridge.  Our friendly and welcoming greeters make sure that every person receives a warm smile and welcoming presence as they arrive.  Our greeters also assist guests in finding the sanctuary and/or our CBkids area. They also gather new guest information so that we can follow up with them effectively. Greeters arrive at 9:15 AM for our 10 AM service. Families or individuals are welcome to be part of our greeting team.

The Cafe - What is more welcoming than a hot cup of coffee or an ice cold glass of water when people first arrive at Crossbridge? Our cafe volunteers arrive at 9 AM to prepare our cafe for service. A detailed guide for each area can he found here: Cafe Volunteer Details

Pro-presenter Team

Our Sunday services would not be complete without all of the visual elements that are used each week.  Our pro-presenter team prepares all the worship slides, audio & visual clips for the service as well as the sermon slides during the message. The team works on a three week rotating schedule and you can contact Kim Destratis for more information.