Baby Dedication (BabyD)

Whether you just had a baby, recently adopted a child, or are now ready to dedicate your child, I want to congratulate you on being a parent. However you got your precious little one, the relationship you share with them will be one of the most powerful bonds you’ll ever experience. I want to thank you for making BabyD a priority. We hope this day is the beginning of a partnership between Crossbridge and your family that leads to your child developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We will be having BabyD information classes twice a year (fall & spring) in our Pre-school/Kindergarten area. At this class, you will:

  • learn what BabyD is and why it is important.
  • be challenged to plan for your child’s spiritual future.
  • have your questions answered.

Either before or after the class, please complete the below BabyD homework. It will help you parent with a purpose and goal in mind for your little one. Baby dedications are scheduled after attending a class, and the date is flexible based on the family’s and church’s schedule.

BabyD Homework:

  1. Watch this video to think and pray through the bigger picture of who your child will become.
  2. After watching the video, please use the Imagine the End homework card to come up with your list of 3-5 words. Then, write a letter to your child, letting them know your dreams and prayers for their life.
  3. Please watch this video to learn why widening your circle is important. We, at Crossbridge, would love to be part of your circle.