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Miracles & Deliverance

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What Made Him Different | Week 5

The people who lived at the time of Jesus believed in miracles and deliverance, but Jesus was different in that he performed miracles and set people free from demonic oppression. We believe that God calls us as his followers to do even greater things then He did because He told us we would. God is a God of miracles then and now. If you would like to receive healing prayer in either of these areas, we’d love to pray for you. Contact us at prayer@crossbridgecc.org.


  1. Anonymous says: · ·

    What happens when you tell someone with clinical anxiety they have a demon, they stop taking their medication waiting for deliverance, then kill themselves because they are off their meds? Who gets to decide when someone has a demon versus just a struggle to be dealt with appropriately? Whoever makes that decision is playing with fire. Dangerous theology.

    • Becky Frey says: · ·

      Thank you for listening! I couldn’t agree more that it would be playing with fire for anyone but a trained clinical psychologist to adjust someone’s medication. At Crossbridge, we’d never suggest this and encourage anyone who’s been walking through deliverance to continue to see their counselors & doctors. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to talk further through this. JD

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